Volker Renner is a distinguished board member for FINCA Microfinance Bank Limited (“FINCA Tanzania”). He brings over 20 years of senior management and governance experience in microfinance across four continents. From 2004 to 2016 he served FINCA Impact Finance as Vice President for Credit and Savings, Global COO, and Regional Director for the FINCA Eurasia subsidiaries. Prior to joining FINCA, Volker held positions as CEO of ProCredit Bank (Ukraine), and was an advisor to banks in Russia and Ukraine. Volker has served as board chairman, board member, and member/chairman of Risk, Audit, HR and other committees in numerous microfinance institutions and banks. He is currently a board member in seven financial institutions of the FINCA Impact Finance network including Tanzania, Malawi, Georgia, Kosovo, Jordan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. He is also a board member in one non-financial institution in Germany.

Board Member