DSE SMEs Acceleration Segment, (“DSAS” or “ENDELEZA Project”) is a designated non-trading segment at the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (“DSE”) aimed at profiling and visibility enhancement for qualifying Small and Medium Enterprises (“SMEs”).

The ultimate objective is to provide qualifying SMEs with an access to potential private capital from investors and financiers, i.e.:

  • Qualified Private Investors
  • Angel Investors
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Venture Capital Funds
  • Crowdfunding Platforms
  • Banks and other financial institutions

Upon listing on the DSE SMEs Acceleration Segment (ENDELEZA Project), qualifying SMEs will provide necessary information about their business conduct, performance, and opportunities to which potential investors and financiers could engage for further details, due diligence and investing/financing. In the future qualifying SMEs may consider accessing public capital via Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) and subsequently listing into the DSE.

ENDELEZA Project is the extension and part of DSE Enterprises Acceleration Program (“DEAP”) whose overall objective is to build capacities for sustainable business management and governance for SMEs owners and managers to enable implementation of their aspiring growth and development. This is to enable and empower them with skills for businesses proficient, hence become more attractive to different private capital providers and financiers.

Participants to the DEAP program, and others can apply to be admitted to the ENDELEZA Project, provided they have the following qualities:

  • Have been in operations for at least three (3) years
  • Have audited accounts for three (3) years
  • Have effective/existence of the Board of Directors
  • Have existing Strategic Business Plan
  • Have indications of strong desire/ambition to grow.

Benefits of the ENDELEZA Project: The segment offers a wide range of benefits to qualifying SMEs, including:

  • High level of visibility across a vast investing public and financiers.
  • Enhanced brand recognition and business opportunities.
  • Assistance in inculcating improved corporatization, including good corporate governance.
  • Assistance in developing access capabilities to capital markets.
  • Access to a one-stop-shop advisory opportunities on strategy and capital raising.
  • Roadmap to higher and long-term corporate sustainability.
  • Objective of potentially optimal.