Beatus Malawa is an advocate of the High Court of Tanzania with over 7 years of experience advising general corporate entities in the areas of banking and finance, general corporate and commercial law, and litigation.

Beatus is the Head of Legal, Compliance and Company Secretary of FINCA Tanzania, as well as serves as a member of the Management Board charged with overseeing FINCA Tanzania’s legal operations and corporate governance. He acts as Secretary to the Board of Directors and respective Board Committee of FINCA Tanzania.

Prior to joining FINCA Tanzania, Beatus worked in a law firm where he started as a Legal Officer with AccessBank Tanzania Limited and grew to Senior Legal Officer. He then joined FINCA Tanzania as Senior Legal Counsel and later became Head of Legal, Compliance, and Company Secretary.

Beatus Malawa holds a bachelor’s degree in laws from Tumaini University, at Iringa. He also earned a postgraduate degree in law from the Law School of Tanzania.

Head of Legal, Compliance and Company Secretary