Emmanuel Zakaria Kopwe has lived a very vibrant active life being transformational serving humanity. He has a keen interest to see his acquired experience add value in all life situations, especially in all relational dynamics, leadership endeavors, and good governance dynamics.

Emmanuel Kopwe has served as the Team Leader of African Evangelistic Enterprise Tanzania {AEE} (an international organization known elsewhere as African Enterprise) for about ten years. He then became the AEE’s Eastern Africa Regional Coordinator (based in Nairobi) for seven years. He became the first Pan African Executive Director for Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries within AEE for about 12 years. In this capacity, he has traveled extensively and in due course gathered vast experience in leadership skills and got very passionate about reconciliation, good governance, peace, and justice, which are fundamentally foundational for sustainable development.

He has also been consulted to establish the African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries here in Tanzania {ALARM}, 2014 - 2017. Mr. Kopwe has also been consulting {between Feb 202 and August 2022} for AEE Tanzania in its quest for new vibrancy in vision, leadership, and governance.

Emmanuel Kopwe is a holder of an MSc degree in Engineering along with a number of Diplomas. He is married to Dorothy Mashamsham and is graced with ten grandchildren.

Board Chairman