MOSES MUSA MSHANA, is a young man about 26-year-old. He is a degree holder of Banking and financial service archived from Institute of Finance management. He is intelligent, smart and hard worker. Due to the ability of leadership, makes him to stand in fair and good decision making. Also, he has honor certificate of leadership as Head prefect from high school, member of parliament from his college for three years and certificate of integrity and due diligence to promote student affair as a board of trustee.

He is working at RAHAMI AGRICULTURE INVESTMENT LTD as office administration Manager responsible as to make sure all needed which make a great step of the company to archive objective, mission and the vision by Supervising the day-to-day operations of the administrative department and staff members also to improving administrative systems, policies, and procedures.

Main carrier and ambition are to utilize all skills, professional and ability to make sure all RAIL project at RAHAMI is capable of building strong corporate brand throughout the widely network connections with public and private sectors worldwide.

Office Administration Manager