Dr. Josephine Rogate Kimaro holds a Bachelor of Arts (International Relations), Master of Arts (Public Administration) both from the University of Dar es Salaam-Tanzania; a Post Graduate Diploma (Poverty Analysis) from the Institute of Social Studies (Netherlands); and a Ph.D. in Public Management from the University of Pretoria. Dr. Kimaro's Ph.D. in Public Management focused on an analysis of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems. 

Dr. Kimaro is an expert, with more than 20 years of experience in working with the Government of Tanzania, the private sector, and international organizations as a Consultant, Researcher, or in Management. She is an Organizational Development expert, possessing qualifications and expertise in areas of Strategic Planning, business processes, Monitoring and Evaluation, Human Resource Management, Research, and Capacity Building, and Governance in general.


On work experience, Dr. Kimaro was an Assistant Director for Technical Cooperation in the Presidents’ Office - Public Service Management and Good Governance of the United Republic of Tanzania. She worked as the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist of the UNDP Election Support Project, Capacity Building Advisor for the Institutional Capacity Strengthening Project of the Management Science for Health (MSH), and Manager of Diocare Ltd. Furthermore, she consulted on a short-term basis for both the Government and private sector in the areas mentioned above. Dr. Kimaro is currently a Director of Human Resource Systems in the Public Sector Systems Strengthening Project (PS3 plus).

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