An accomplished finance, audit, and risk management professional with broad experience in the manufacturing and banking industry, able to blend financial acumen with business savvy to develop and implement strategies that consistently improve margins and reduce risk. Severin has the ability to analyze difficult financial, operational, and risk-related issues, develop strategies, products and processes to achieve financial goals, and rapidly synthesize information and make timely, high-quality decisions.  Severin Ndaskoi is a Certified Internal Auditor, a Fellow Certified Public Accountant in Public Practice, and holds a Master’s of Science degree in Finance from Strathclyde University - Glasgow.

Currently, Severin is the Managing Partner at SK Associates. He also worked with the Tanzania Agricultural Bank as its Director of Finance and Information Technology, and for 4 years in NBC as the Head of Risk, and Director of Audit in the same bank for 7 years. Prior to NBC, he was the Director of Finance and Administration for CRDB for 6 years. Before joining the banking industry Severin spent 10 years as a Chief Accountant and Finance Manager in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Severin also served as the Chairman of the IIA Tanzania Technical committee, having also served as its Vice President for 2 years. He is a board member of S&L Company

Board Member