Reginald Massawe holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, with a specialization in Human Resources Management. He also holds a Diploma in Personnel Management and has more than fifteen years of experience holding management positions, ten of which were spent serving in top management echelons of related multinational organizations. He began his career in HRM in 1996 and has since held a variety of posts covering a wide range of responsibilities. Before entering the HRM field, Reginald had attended Teacher Training and had earned a Diploma and thereafter a Degree in Education. Therefore, in terms of educational background, Reginald holds two college Diplomas and two University Degrees. Career-wise, he has a wealth of experience in business management as well as in being an exemplary employee at various levels.

In 2004, he wanted to change his career, committed himself to do a PhD programme, and started working toward writing a PhD thesis on Alternative Approach in Financing SMEs. While working on his PhD studies, he developed an intense interest after seeing the immense opportunities for overcoming the scourge of poverty in developing countries like Tanzania provided by Microfinance businesses. He then abandoned the PhD study to engage fully in the microfinance business by setting up a Microfinance Institution and thus crossed the floor from being an employee to being an entrepreneur and self-employed. Reginald believes in daring to be imaginative. Every railroad; every outstanding institution; every mammoth business enterprise; and every great invention would have first been conceived in the fertile imagination of some individual person.

Therefore, wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you may be following as an occupation, there is room for you to make yourself more useful, and in that vein more productive, by developing and using your imagination. The growing number of clients and stakeholders of AML have begun to feel that AML is making a mark and moving in the right direction towards becoming a model Microfinance institution in Tanzania and in the East African region. All we have to do is to continue walking.

Managing Director