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KPJ Technologies Plc

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Information Technology


Dar es Salaam

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KPJ Technologies Plc through its open platform known as the KIPAJI App OTT enables music, video, books, and film creators to lease their content digitally. This platform solves a chronic market problem among content creators which is, their inability to monetize profitably their content.
Further technological advancement intensifies the problem as digitization replacing the traditional physical distribution of creative content such as music, movies, and books.

KPJ Technologies comes to provide a reliable digital marketplace through the KIPAJI OTT, where content creators can lease their content and benefit from their creativity. Our strength lies in our ability to understand how ordinary Africans interact digitally, their browsing, and online purchase psych. Moreover, their desires, needs, and expectations.

KPJ Technologies Company Ltd was incorporated in May 2022, but its app development predates its incorporation the app was developed in Feb. 2019 and launched in, May 2020. By March 2021, a total sales volume of TZS 30,000,000 had been made from only three (3) most leasing content creators. These sales were attained without a marketing budget being injected into the business.

Looking at the statistics for the KIPAJI App platform as a local over the top (OTT), has a huge potential to tap from revenues accruing from this industry which is estimated to reach USD 1.4Bilion in 2023 at the CAGR of 18% according to PwC report. We are positioned to expand our business to neighboring countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Ghana and later to the rest of the sub-Saharan African countries.