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Purandare Industries (T) Limited

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Purandare Industries (T) Limited. P. O. Box 1007, Dodoma, Tanzania.





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Purandare Industries (Tanzania) Limited (aka PITL) is established for the Import- Export, EPC contracts, Sugarcane Life-cycle Management, Contract Farming of Sugarcane, O&M of Sugar Factory, Consultancy, Drip Infrastructure Development of Farms and Supply of Organic Fertilizer and Machineries for Various Agriculture Products such as Sugar, Ethanol, Cashew Nut, Grapes etc. In this Profile, Expertise of PITL for Sugar, Ethanol and Related fields are mentioned.
PITL has proven experience and expertise in the domain of turnkey contracts for Sugar Industry, particularly from land preparation, plantation, harvesting and transportation of sugar cane, and manufacturing of Sugar.
In Africa, PITL is the only player who came up with the concept from Land preparation to ready cane at mill. The end-to-end solution provided by PITL ensures delivery of projects on time, risk management and efficient running of operations.
PITL is first choice preference compared to its competitors as it comes to the market with a Concept to Commissioning strategy, the first of its kind in East Africa and Other African Regions, where PITL gets involved in the following stages of the Sugarcane value chain:
1. Advisory on all stages of the Sugarcane lifecycle
2. Contract Manufacturing of Sugarcane in own land
3. Contract Manufacturing of Sugarcane through Out-growers
4. Project Planning, Preparation, and Construction of Sugar Mills
5. Commissioning and Operation Management of Sugar Mills
PITL has chosen by various stakeholders over its competitors due to company’s Strong Core Values. The Core Values of PITL are given below:
To achieve the Goals and Targets of the company, members have pledged to uphold the following six core values:
• Product Service Excellence: Through excellent products and service delivery it will strive to exceed customer expectations
• Out-growers Partnership: To optimize in order to meet set goals by consciously and deliberately nurturing team spirit, collaboration, and consultation
• Integrity: To uphold virtues of integrity through honesty and fairness in all operations
• Accountability: To strive to be responsible custodians of all resources entrusted to the company in a professional and transparent manner.
• Social Responsibility: Endeavor to be socially responsible to society and pursue company goals through socially acceptable practices that preserve the environment; promote social-economic development, support vulnerable groups and HIV/AIDS and malaria programs
• Gender Mainstreaming: Embrace principles of gender equity, fairness, and balance across gender.

The Company has currently three projects in Tanzania, which are in Execution and development Phase.
1. Project 1- Dabalo Sugar: It is own venture of PITL. PITL has procured all the legal licenses, Permission and company will soon start the construction of factory. The company is doing organic sugarcane plantation on 1885 Acre and providing Technical expertise to out growers. The Project will be completed by the December 2022.
2. Project 2- Ethanol Plant: PITL has completed talks with Investor and funding arrangement is going on. Soon, PITL will start the DPR preparation for this Project. Since the Investor has strong funding capability, the project is expected to take off soon and completed by December- 2023.
3. Project 3- Kilolo Sugar: PITL is in talks with various stakeholders & working on various aspects of the Project. The work on this Project is expected to start after the production of sugar starts in DABALO after December 2022.
In addition to above Projects, PITL is the Lead Applicant in Various Feasibility studies, DPR Preparation and O & M Contracts by various stakeholders in Africa.
PITL has completed couple of projects in sugarcane Lifecycle Management.
1. Sugarcane Plantation in KENSUFU, Kenya for One Year.
2. Sugarcane Plantation for 2 years in Zanzibar Sugar Ltd, Tanzania.
3. PITL is planning to train out grower farmers with 2500 Acre of Land for future Sugar-Project in Kilolo District, Tanzania. The Primary talks has already begun.
4. The Government of Ghana has also shown interest to PITL for O&M of a 3500 TCD sugar factory expandable to 4000 TCD. Investors from Rwanda, Burundi, Gambia, Sierra Leone are also in touch with PITL for the Similar turnkey and O&M projects.