This is an open letter to all interested investors

In July 2022 BL was looking to raise the capital amount of Tanzania Shillings 846 Million ($363K USD), which was mainly for buying new production machinery and other supporting infrastructures, stocks, increasing the storage capacity (warehouse), and Installation of plastic moulding and blowing machines in its factory plant to actualize our growth plan.


The company was able to raise more than Tanzania shillings 360 Million by August 2022 from one of the commercial banks in Tanzania, thanks to DSE Endeleza Market Segment for showcasing our initiative as a result we received enormous expressions of interest from individuals and firms.


The overall investment has resulted in the following

  • New Jobs created 5 (Full-time jobs)
  • Products to be manufactured 5
  • Production capacity 3.8 million litres per year
  • Process and system automation by 70%
  • Improvements in our research and development laboratory
  • Delivery vehicle (1)


Other Medium term investing opportunities available at BL Biopharm Enterprises Limited focus on building a sustainable business ecosystem and supportive infrastructures to expand inward.

  1. Construction of plastic recycling and packages manufacturing plant at BL Biopharmaceuticals and,
  2. Construction of selected raw material manufacturing plant at BL Biopharmaceuticals.


BL Biopharm Enterprises is looking to raise about TZS 3 billion or USD 1.3 million to implement the two above projects. The project is expected to increase the company's profitability two folds. Interested different financiers are welcome for discussions.